Dear Inner Circle Member,

As you may have already heard, last night I announced that I am discontinuing the Inner Circle Membership this year.

This means that 2023 will be our last journey together.

Please watch the video above, in which I made the announcement.

In the video, I also explain why I decided to discontinue the Membership, what I’m planning to do next, and when you can expect to receive further communications on the logistical next steps based on your subscription.

I also speak a bit to what’s next with Vertical Intuition…

I ask that you take in what I say in this video, and afterward, let yourself feel whatever comes up for you…

But please save any questions that you may have regarding subscription logistics as they will be answered in the emails that we have planned to go out later today and later this week.

It’s been an honor and true pleasure to have spent countless hours with you in this shared classroom and sacred space these past 3.5 years.

I’m beyond grateful that I created the Membership and that I got to spend time on this Earth with you in it.


Robert 🙏