Decoding Our First One World Synchronicity


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Decoding Our First
One World Synchronicity

Premium On-Demand Experience

How can you move from Powerlessness to Power within COVID-19?

Where are we at within the 6-Stages of this Dark Night Chaos Cycle & where are we going next?

What is the Karmic Anatomy of COVID-19 & how can you shift this Karma?

How can you use your Emotional Intuition to receive the guidance you most need right now?

What will it take to keep your Intuition clear during this world wide challenge?

How can you activate your own Archetypal Self-Care Team?

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During three recorded webcasts Robert covers how you can How can you move from Powerlessness to Power within COVID-19.

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Lifetime access to: on-demand video, downloadable audio, PDF Guides, and more!

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Ready to dive further into the incredible guidance of this on-demand webcast event series with even more powerful resources that will support you? Then you won’t want to miss this new ‘premium experience’ packed with PDF Guides, a workbook, new separate guided meditations, a new hypnosis program, and an opportunity to join Robert LIVE, one more time, as he gives LIVE attendees intuitive readings.

Whether you want to experience the following Sessions again on-demand with additional support, or are ready to jump-in for the first time and explore this powerful instruction, this premium version offers the best experience possible, whilst also supporting Robert’s efforts to make this World a better place.

Part I: An Intuitive Overview – Does Everything Happen for a Reason?
Part II: Chaos Cycles – Getting through Our Collective Dark Night
Part III: Rebirth – Something New Comes from Something New

“Healing needs to be understood, not as getting back to an old tribal sick-self, but rather as becoming something new that is reborn into a new harmony with Mystical Law.”

Here’s all that comes with this premium package::

  • Fully edited and post-produced On-demand Video for Parts I, II, & III with downloadable audio versions of each Session
  • Printable PDF Guides for each Session with outlines of the material, packed ‘Questions for Reflection’ to help guide you deeper into the teachings
  • A workbook guide on Power & Powerlessness to help you stay empowered
  • A new studio produced guided audio Emotional Intuitive Check-In
  • A new studio produced guided audio: A Guided Intuitive Reading on Your Karma with COVID-19 & Your Calling within It
  • An opportunity to join Robert LIVE on May 2 for a special Intuitive Readings Webcast/Radio Call-In Event to support your challenges with COVID-19 (**For those who sign-up in time – while everyone will have an equal opportunity, not everyone will get an ‘intuitive reading’, more info on this will be provided for those who register)
  • Lifetime access to all the above!

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Get lifetime access to the on-demand video, audio recordings, PDF Guides and more!

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