The Empathic Soul
& Love Rebel 2.0

Doors Open Again for Empathic Soul 2.0 – Get in Now!

The Empathic Soul & Love Rebel body of work has become one of my most cutting edge and transformational teachings to date. While Empathic Soul 1.0 explored the fundamental Archetypes of the Empathic Soul Contract and offered a much needed new Multi-Sensory Psychology & Spirituality for Empathic Souls to heal and engage development through – Empathic Soul 2.0 goes even further offering a much needed new Multi-Dimensional Psychology & Spirituality.

As an Empathic Soul, transitioning into an understanding of yourself dimensionally is crucial to fulfilling the shamanic aspect of Destiny that all Empathic Souls have woven into their Soul Contract. Understanding yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being is just the beginning – you must also know what Dimensions actually are, how they are constructed, and how they then create reality in a horizontal, vertical, and spherical way.

What’s in 2.0 and why did I reopen the doors?  

So much often comes through me that I hadn’t planned when I teach a new course, making it a massive challenge to write initial course copy that fully conveys the enormity and value of what a course will become. There’s always so much that is intuited and channeled while teaching which renders previous copy and course descriptions incredibly inadequate…

That said, what I’m channeling and teaching inside of Empathic Soul 2.0 truly carries more voltage than most words can contain – let alone describe. By the time I got to Part V, the powerful nature of this new material made me realize that everyone in 1.0 who is able to get into 2.0 right now…really must.

Thus, I feel instructed to share with you my strong belief in Empathic Soul 2.0’s value by letting you watch the first hour of Part V. And, I promise that this hour alone, will change everything – not to mention the remaining three hours of this lesson, previous lessons already taught, and the three lessons to come in this 8-Part Masterclass.

(Parts/Lessons 1-5 are already available on-demand and there are 3 powerful new lessons left to come over the next couple months.)

In this video from Part V – I discuss:  

  • The Unique needs in Self-Esteem for Empathic Souls
  • What Dimensions are and how to identify the Dimensions that you are in…
  • Knowing when it’s time to leave a Dimension
  • Why Empathic Souls must work with the Shaman Archetype
  • How the Wounded Healer leads to your Calling…
  • What binds you into Dimensions and won’t let you leave
  • Identifying when you are in a Dimension, but not of it…
  • The Role of Soul-Esteem in Dimensional transition

There is so much new essential material in Empathic Soul 2.0, I haven’t even discussed what I covered in Parts I-IV! I do hope you’ll take advantage of this second chance to get in before doors close again for 2021.

Additionally, in order to make this essential teaching available to as many people as possible during this unprecedented time – this now 20-hour Masterclass has been discounted 30% OFF the regular price.


This masterclass is 30% OFF for a limited time! Offer ends March 24.

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8 Lessons

During eight recorded webcasts Robert covers the dynamic nature of The Empathic Soul’s Contract and Potential.

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Here’s a robust list of everything that I’ll be covering:

  • Fundamental Light Practices for Your Empathic Soul System
  • Soul Prayers, Mystical Grids of Power, & Magic for Empathic Souls
  • How to intuitively assess your Empathic Soul System’s needs
  • Essential Daily Subconscious Reprogramming for Empathic Souls
  • Understanding and accessing Mystical vs. Cultural Grids of Power
  • How to create a Light Grid of Grace with Others
  • Guided Light Rituals for Protection, Safety, & Clearing
  • Light Practices to mystically shift your Wounded & Survival Archetypes
  • Empathic Soul Prayers (that work!)
  • When you need to reboot your Empathic System with Light (and how)
  • Guided Meditations for Intuitive Heart Centering
  • Exercises to sharpen your Intuitive Empathic Soul Senses
  • Guided Hypnosis for Soul Esteem
  • Moving from Empathic Triage to the Healing
  • Light Interventions
  • Understanding The Mystic & Addict Archetypes in the Empathic Soul Contract
  • Bringing in the Light for Healing Empathic Soul Damage
  • Understanding and using the Power of Focus
  • Turning Your Empathic Soul Senses On/Off
  • How to Intuitively Create Boundaries
  • Bringing in the Light for Healing Empathic Soul Damage
  • What it takes to Shift from a Dark to Light Dimension (and how to shift!)
  • Becoming Mystically Immune to Psychic Viruses & Dark Group Energy
  • The best ‘Light Tools’ and how to use them
  • Boundaries vs. Walls – how to know the difference
  • Recognizing, Letting Go of, and Avoiding the Light Dimmers in your Life
  • And, of course, much more!

This masterclass is 30% OFF for a limited time! Offer ends March 24.

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A 8-session/20-hour journey of self discovery where I’ll share with you the unique tools, skills, esteem development, mystical care, and power pivots that your Empathic Soul System requires. You get lifetime access to everything - each session includes a power-packed online video, downloadable audio, and a downloadable PDF guide.

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