You Can Do Magic 2.0

The Heaven & Earth Power Grids

Event Cancellation Reimbursement

Please complete the form below to let us know your preferred option for reimbursement. Once you complete the form, you can expect to hear back from us within 1 week as to the status of your reimbursement.

Option One:
The complete tuition amount will be issued back to you as a credit to your account with an additional bonus $1000 credit. This means that, not only will you receive a complete tuition credit, you will also receive an additional $1000 to use on courses that will never expire. Thus, if you paid $1199 for tuition, your total non-expiring credit on would be $2199.

Option Two:
For all those who request it, we will offer full tuition cash refunds for the Event. This option may take up to 8 weeks to process depending on when purchased as we only have a certain window of time to refund monies directly back to your credit card. If we are unable to refund you directly via credit card, we will need to process the refund via a PayPal account or written check sent via certified mail.

Please give each option deep consideration as all chosen options will be final once communicated to us.

Likely Asked Questions:

  1. Can I change my mind and cash out my credit option later? No, once you’ve chosen the credit option you can only use the credit for courses with no future option to receive a cash refund on any kind.
  2. Will Robert be doing an online version of YCDM 2.0 or rescheduling the Event? While there is certainly a possibility of both, at this time neither is being considered for the immediate future. YCDM 2.0 was truly designed as an in person experience – yet I may create a modified online version or reschedule it for 2021. However, me and my Team will be tied up processing the cancellation of this Event over the coming weeks, and then producing the Soul Destinies Home Study after that. Additionally I have already established a plan and committed to a full schedule of various online courses for 2020.
  3. Can I use my credits on any courses? Absolutely! You can use the credit for any courses on both future and past. As of now there will be at least four new courses delivered on in 2020. However, you cannot use the credit for any courses that I have or will do on
  4. Can I use my credits for the Soul Destinies Home Study? YES! In fact, I will order a new print of Home Studies to ensure anyone from this event that wants a SDHS gets one! You would just need to purchase the SDHS with your credits by April 1st so I can get the print order in on time to mail the Home Study the first week of May.
  5. How are the Credits Rendered? Once you’ve notified us you would like the credit option, an gift certificate in the amount of the total credit (tuition + bonus) will be issued to your account within a week’s time. Every time you make a purchase the system will automatically deduct the value amount of the purchase from your credit bank/gift card.
  6. If Robert reschedules YCDM 2.0 for 2021 can I use my credit to attend then? YES! You can use your credit to attend any in-person events produced by Robert and Team Ohotto.
  7. If I select the cash refund option, will I also get some kind of credit on is taking a significant financial loss in canceling the Event due to its obligations with the Boulder Marriott, thus no credits will be offered if you opt of the cash refund. You will only receive back the amount you paid in tuition to attend the Event.