Mercury Retrograde

in Scorpio


Thursday, October 24 - 8:30 PM EDT / 5:30 PM PDT

Every Mercury Retrograde brings a new ‘Message from the Gods’ …

What will this Mercury Retrograde bring & how will it affect you?

Which aspects of the Scorpio Archetype will be activated?

What is the best way to work with this Mercury Retrograde Cycle?

As ‘Messenger of the Gods’ what will this Mercury Retrograde say on behalf of the other active Planetary Cycles?

Why does this Cycle summon you to makes shifts in your Emotional System and heal your Past?

What are the most important dates and timing for this Cycle?

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“True to every Mercury Retrograde, this is going to hit you where you are most unconscious…”

Every Mercury Retrograde brings a new ‘Message from the Gods’ – which is a mythological way of saying that Mercury Retrogrades take you into the Shadow Side of yourself to receive new Spiritual Instruction on how best to work with the currently activated holographic Archetypal Cycles of Life.

So as Mercury goes retrograde on October 31st – November 20th, 2019 – it delivers a Message not only on behalf of the Activated Archetypes on the Earth’s Psychic Field, but also on the behalf of your next rock star Potential.

This time that Message is delivered via the Scorpio Archetype, constellating a process of Emotional Alchemy so you can get on with the business of turning the lead of your Life into gold – your Fate into Destiny.

During this Mercury Retrograde Process you will be faced with the negative Karma and Fated Limits that your Emotional Past has been creating for you up until now. And true to every Mercury Retrograde, this is going to hit you where you are most unconscious.

When dealing the Shadow Side of your Psyche during a Mercury Retrograde, there are two options: become conscious via the 2x4 of the Trickster Archetype; or opt to consciously descend into Hades via the instruction of a good Guide. (Hello, that would be Robert Ohotto!)

What Patterns/Archetypes in your Life will the Mercury Retrograde trigger that need to be replaced? How can you shift them out, and what exactly do you replace them with? What Karma is likely to show up at your doorstep to wake you up, and can you avoid the 2x4 version? What’s the timing of this entire Cycle and Process, and how can you best work with it? Why does your Emotional System take center stage this Cycle?

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During this 2-Hour Online LIVE Webcast Robert will cover in enormous depth the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, its timing, and its activated Energies & Themes! You won’t want to miss the map Robert charts for this Cycle via his expert intuitive & astrological guidance!

In the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Webcast Event Discover:

  • An in-depth understanding of the Mercury Retrograde Process and how to work with it…
  • How you will be asked to go 'backward' this time around and resolve your Past!
  • What this Mercury Retrograde asks of you and how to deliver and avoid The Trickster!
  • Why this Cycle might be rough for your Emotional System requiring a reboot
  • How this cycle will cause you to look at things you're unconscious of so you can unleash new potential!
  • The various dominant Energies & Themes activated during this cycle and how to work with them!
  • What 'stories' this cycle asks you to rewrite and how…
  • How this MR cycle connects to the current Venus in Scorpio Cycle
  • How this MR Cycle functions as a messenger for the larger planetary cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
  • ‘Ohotto Style’ homework/exercises to help you make the most of this Cycle’s potential in your Life
  • How to access a PDF Guide with Future Cast to help you keep the Trickster at bay during this powerful cycle, packed with powerful questions for reflections and important dates + an extra Bonus Course: 'Evolve or Repeat - The Power of Emotional Alchemy'!

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