Mercury Retrograde

in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Have you been climbing the wrong mountain?

Have you been feeling like Life has been throwing some sh*t at you lately?

Has the Energy around you been feeling heavy and dark - like some Light in your Life has gone out?

Do the disappointments and people to forgive seem to keep piling up every day?

Does everything feel like it takes 10x the effort to do, and you just can’t get ahead?

Are you having a hard time getting excited about the Future, feeling too uninspired and pessimistic to even think about Goals?

If any of these questions hit home, you - my friend - might just be climbing the wrong Mountain! And it’s time to make a change…
Want to find out if that’s true, and which Mountain you should be climbing instead?

Well Mercury Retrograde is here (and so am I) to tell you ALL about it!

In fact, during this Video Guide on the Mercury Retrograde, I’ll be covering these Themes and more! Oh yes, with Mercury retrograding in two Zodiac Signs there is so much more going on this time around! In this Video you’ll find out all the deets, and how you can best avoid ‘The Trickster’ side of Mercury Retrograde this time!

Video and PDF Guide

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“True to every Mercury Retrograde, this is going to hit you where you are most unconscious…”