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Astrological Sun Signs

Understanding Your Core Destiny Archetypes


Is it possible that what you’ve been taught about your Astrology Sign is all wrong?

What exactly is the Astrological Sun Sign and how does it shape your Destiny?

Can you really use your Sun Sign to determine compatibility with others, or is that just BS?

Can your Sun Sign reveal a unique Purpose & Magic meant for you?

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“Your Life Path will become clearer, and you’ll also see others in a completely new light.”

Surely, someone has already asked you a time or two, ‘What’s your Sign?’ And you have likely asked others the same thing! And perhaps you’ve also googled around trying to figure out if you and someone else might be ‘compatible’, or if maybe you should run the other way asap!

Working as a professional Intuitive & Astrologer for over 20 years, I’ve come to realize that the first access point most folks have with Astrology is through their Astrological Sun Sign, otherwise known as Sun Sign Astrology.

This is often times understood as the Sign you look up in a Western Horoscope that is based on the day and month you were born. For example: if you were born on October 13th that means you are a Libra, August 15th – a Leo, etc.

So what’s the truth about Astrology Signs – is there really something there? Or?

Sadly, through popular stereotypical Sun Sign Astrology, many folks often attribute the reason why they, or someone else, does something is because of their Sun Sign.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard things like, ‘I can’t focus because I’m a Gemini’…or…‘They are such a Scorpio…so jealous and controlling…’

Well, I’m here to tell you that most of this is complete BS. Yep, sorry, but true story…it doesn’t work that way! YET, that doesn’t mean that Astrological Sun Signs aren’t one of the most powerful ways of understanding Others, your Destiny, your Soul Agreements, and your Potential. They actually ARE!

In fact, your Sun Sign can tell you all this and more. But not if your approach to Sun Signs has been off the mark. And, I have full faith that if you knew how to use Sun Sign Astrology via the way it really works –

It. would. blow. your. mind.

Which is why for a limited time I’m offering a FREE Two-Part Webcast Event called: Astrological Sun Signs – Understanding Your Core Patterns of Destiny!

For example: Contrary to popular belief, your Sun Sign isn’t something you innately are, rather – it is an archetypal and developmental force in your Soul Contract & Destiny – it illumines the primary pattern, and also sub-patterns, that your Soul agreed to work with this lifetime as part of your own Heroic Quest of living out new potential into the World.

And might I add, this is often potential that your Soul has never even gone near before!

And just like the Sun that sets in the West bringing The Dark Night, and then rises in the East to bring a New Reborn Bright Day –  your Sun Sign can reveal the Terms of your Soul Contract to transform your Fate into Destiny via the constant cyclical struggle of going down into your own Underworld to creatively re-emerge with new Light.

Yes indeed, the Twelve Zodiacal Signs aren’t what you likely think at all. These Twelve Archetypes – from Aries to Pisces – are Twelve Mythic Patterns that arise from the deepest levels of creation of which our Wounded Human Egos, Religions, Governments, Politics, and Skeptical Natures cannot deny or ultimately control. These Forces are bigger than us, yet also shape and flow through us personally.

As my work has taught me, Astrological Sun Signs are archetypal containers for Twelve Foundational Creative Laws of Life here on Earth.

Not only do these Twelve Archetypal Forces represent the Twelve Steps of Human Psycho-Mystical Development – They each reveal of our unique individual Celestial Instructions to engage in the heroic struggle of becoming Channels of Light.

That’s what your Sun Sign really is – a guide as to how you are meant to and can become a Lightworker, Lightbearer, and creative Channel of Grace.

What’s more – when you are in alignment to your Sun Sign…you unlock new Power & Potential that you can do no other way.

That said, if you want to find out just what YOUR unique set of Celestial Instructions are, and what your Sun Sign journey is really about – you can’t miss this FREE Event!

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Here’s more of what I’ll be covering:

  • How Astrology really works & how to use it as an intuitive tool
  • Symbolically understanding our Solar System & The Sun itself as an Archetype
  • How to identify your Sun Sign via your own Birth Chart (link to print your Birth Chart will be provided before LIVE Event!)
  • All Twelve Sun Signs as Archetypal Patterns and their Sub-archetypes
  • Learning how The Twelve Astrology Signs represent 12 Stages of Human Psycho-Mystical Development
  • How your Sun Sign reveals your Soul Contract with Fate & Destiny
  • The way to really use Sun Signs to determine relationship compatibility
  • Understanding your Inner Solar System
  • Why you can’t understand your Sun Sign Journey without including the socio-cultural forces of our Time
  • The Sun & Shadow…what happens when you can’t shine
  • How your Sun Sign reveals the core reason why you were born

If you sign up now, before the LIVE event you’ll be emailed a link to print up your Birth Chart for free. Then all you need to do is join me for this rare life changing and illuminating opportunity!

What will you get out of this Event?

You'll gain deep transformative insights into your Past and a new understanding as to why you've gone through certain challenges. Your Life Path will become clearer, and you’ll also see others in a completely new light. This will better position you to make new life and relationship choices!

And most notably, through aligning to the true archetypal power and pattern of your Sun Sign, your Potential will explode!

See you soon inside the Event!

Robert Ohotto

Join Robert Ohotto for this Free two-part online webcast event - view on-demand for a limited time!
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