30-Minute Intuitive Consultations

By popular demand I have introduced a shorter more affordable reading for folks who are looking for guidance on one or two specific issues. While this intuitive reading doesn't go through your entire Soul's Contract, it can nonetheless be very valuable in getting poignant guidance for a specific area of concern in your life.

After having purchased the session you will be sent a sign up form on which you can list up to two areas of focus in order of importance, keeping in mind we'll have just 30 minutes to get you the guidance you most need. Therefore the more focused and thorough the questions the better!

Whether you're struggling with a relationship issue, career challenge, life path confusion or spiritual dilemma, this reading can laser into the root issue of the area in question and provide transformative insights and practical strategies of amelioration. If you want insight into just a few aspects of your Soul Contract, or if you need help with a specific concern, this is truly the reading for you.

Please note: Due to the time limit of this kind of consultation, no additional components may be formally added into the session such as Robert reading your child or relationship partner. Additionally, a downloadable mp3 recording of the 30-minute session is not included but may be added for an additional fee.