After a nearly two-year hiatus from my popular radio show and podcast, Soul Connexions Radio, I’m coming back with something new and even more dynamic: A WebTVShow called ‘Your Intuitive Edge’.

Your Intuitive Edge will stream LIVE on FB and YouTube twice a month and eventually be offered as a podcast. Through it I will be teaching you ways you can activate your Intuitive Edge and live intuitively. I will also be doing LIVE interactive broadcasts!

My intention for this new platform is helping you max out your Optimal Potential in all areas of your Life. Whether it’s Life Purpose, Relationships, Career, Family, Empowerment, Love, Esteem, Multi-sensory Development, Psychic Hygiene, Using Intuitive Tools (like Astrology), I’ve got you covered and then some!

Each episode will explore a topic/challenge and how you can activate your Intuitive Edge within the challenge and kick some booty! I’m very excited about this new creative expansion and I’ll be back soon to tell you the dates/times that I have planned for August.


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