It’s officially the Holiday Season, and tis the season to be grateful…or is it?

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Do you really feel grateful? Or, if you’re honest, are there some things in your Life that you don’t feel grateful for at all? (It’s ok, you can admit it – in fact, you need to!)

You’ve likely already heard plenty about the ‘Power of Gratitude’ – and that Gratitude Journals and Gratitude Lists are the secret sauce to turning your Life around, while rewarding you with even more abundance.

But can they really?…

What if you just genuinely don’t currently feel grateful for some of the things in your Life? Does forcing Gratitude somehow get you to Gratitude…? Does this ‘fake it until you make it’ approach really work? Does ‘Forced Gratitude’ hold the power to activate and manifest more in your life to be grateful for?

Well actually, not so much…in fact, this entire approach often backfires in ways that can leave you feeling even worse…

YET, there is a real way to move from feeling ungrateful to feeling Genuine Gratitude – and I promise you, it’s not what you think!

Watch this new thought provoking Social LIVE video as I teach you why our culture constructed the numerous ‘Gratitude By-Pass Formulas’ we all know too well, why you should ditch most of them, and what to replace them with instead that just might make you feel genuinely grateful!

-Robert : )

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Dianne Rodriguez
Dianne Rodriguez
10 days ago
  1. I so appreciate your truth telling!
9 days ago

Thank you again Robert for your clarity and honesty. At 38 I was depressed (no energy, wasn’t getting out of bed) and went to a therapist for the first time (I wanted to do couples therapy but my husband said no way). The therapist helped me recognize that I was focusing my thoughts on what I didn’t like about my life and asked me what I did like about my life. So for the next 6 months I did an experiment where I just repeated Thank you all day long – thank you for traffic jams, thank you for flat… Read more »

Mary Ray
Mary Ray
8 days ago

Caregiving for my mother is a challenge. Not really grateful for being stuck in this position.

Gayle Walker
Gayle Walker
7 days ago

I sat in the car weeping with this new “ungrateful” ness. It felt so cleansing that thoughts tumbled of things I’m so not grateful for. The last 3 years have dropped me to my knees in grief. AND I have so much to be grateful for also.

Last edited 7 days ago by Gayle Walker
4 days ago

you are the most amazing truth teller, Robert. thank you so very much for cutting through the entire collective bullshit and giving us a chance to be set free. THANK YOU