Soul Connections FAQs

Where do I log in?
Log-in fields can be found at the top of this page:

How do I log in?
Enter your email address as your username and the six-digit order number found near the top of your purchase receipt. DO NOT use the personal password you created for the online store, as it will not get you in to this course.

In the event you forget your password, please use the ‘lost password feature’ to retrieve it.

Where can I find the pdf files Robert is referring to?
You can find the pdf documents on the page that opens up after you have successfully logged in. You may download them, print them, or view them along with Robert during the event.

How can I submit questions to Robert during the event?
Click the Feedback option located in the Participant panel next to your name. It is set to arrive at a separate email address and will not disrupt the course. 

I won’t be able to participate in the live event. Can I still download the file later?
Yes, you may use your log-in information to download the Mp3 audio files after the event is completed.

I’m having audio problems! Help!
If you experience audio issues during the conference, click the down arrow in the participant panel next to your name and scroll down to the ‘Restart A/V broadcaster’ option to restore your sound. Failing that, please log out and back in for a better connection. Also make sure no additional programs are running that might compromise your internet connection.

Online Courses

Soul Connections

Dear Soul Connections participant:

We encourage you to print this page as a reference! 
This event is going to be held entirely online, so there’s no need for a call-in number. You'll be listening in much the same way you would to an internet radio station. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you get the most out of your Soul Connection experience.  

Before the event

  • Because this event will be broadcast in a manner similar to online radio, you will not be receiving a call-in number. So please make sure your speakers or headphones are functioning properly before the event.
  • Make sure you can locate your receipt for this course because that’s where your login information is!
  • Close out of any other program or window that might compromise your computer’s bandwidth or internet connection in any way. Doing so may go a long way to guaranteeing optimum reception.  
  • As an added measure, you may want to be sure your computer is current with Adobe Flash Player 9, which you can download for free at 
  • Open your window all the way so that the images size correctly on your monitor. There's no guarantee that Robert will be using visual aids during this course, but you'll want to be able to see whatever there is to see as clearly as possible! 
  • LOG IN EARLY! Go to the log-in page 30 - 45 minutes before the 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern start time to log in.  Click here to log in >
  • Log in with the information found on your electronic receipt. Enter your email address in the username field and use your order number as your password.
  • Robert may also be adding pdf files to this page, which he will be referencing during the event. You may download them, print them, or follow along with Robert online. These files, in addition to the Mp3 file, will be available at this location for one week after they are posted. 
  • If at any time you have log-in difficulty, double check your information by using the ‘lost password’ feature. Failing that, email us at to get help!  

During the event

  • There will be hundreds of people participating in this live event, so please know that Robert won’t be able to respond to every individual question. He will, however, be reviewing them with an eye toward covering commonly shared concerns directly related to Soul Connections topics.
  • Be sure to take notes during the event, or at least jot down any questions you’d like to submit to Robert; he will be addressing them as time permits in the last half hour.
  • If you'd like to submit questions, feedback or comments about the course, please do so at any time by using the Feedback option located in the Participant panel next to your name. It is set to arrive at a separate email address and will not disrupt the course. 
  • If for any reason you get disconnected from the event, simply log back in at the link above to rejoin the festivities.
  • Once again, if you experience any log-in issues, please take advantage of the “lost password feature” located on the log-in page. Failing that, please email us at for help! 

After the event 

If you’d like to hear the recording of the event, go back to the login page, enter your Username and Password in order to retrieve the downloadable Mp3 file. This file will be available within 48 hours of the call. The audio file will only be available for one week after posting. 

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