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Robert Helps You Unlock Your Life's Purpose

Intuitive Life Strategist Robert Ohotto explores practical ways of living your soul's purpose in his weekly show, Dialogue with Destiny. Hear Robert challenge the conventions of traditional mind-body-spirit paradigms through his intuitive skills, understanding of archetypes, and expertise in mapping cosmic cycles of time. On each show, Robert gives practical guidance and strategies to empower you to live your destiny. While using his intuitive gifts to help callers, Robert shows you how to unleash your true purpose.

Robert wants to hear from you! Let him know about topics you’d like him to address. Can’t get through to his live radio show? You can still reach him by using the Comments section on this page to submit your feedback. Even though Robert can’t reply to everyone personally, rest assured he reads and appreciates every message!

Upcoming Shows:

Hayhouse RadioMay 13, 2010  9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Surrendering to Divine Timing through the Power of Faith
Have you received an inspiration in your life, yet the timing doesn't seem to be coming together to manifest it? Are you worried that your dreams will never materialize? Then this show was meant for you! Listen in as Robert explains why we must have faith in the Divine timing of events and our Soul's Schedule. Find out how you can embrace the power of surrender to get what you really want! Learn more >


Hayhouse RadioMay 20, 2010  9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Embracing the New Archetype of Family in Your Life
The idea of 'family' is something that has been going through a drastic transformation during the last 20 years. The old 'nuclear' sense of family is all but gone and being replaced by a new paradigm! What does this mean for you? How can you redefine and find 'family' in your life? Why is it so crucial to have a sense of family? Tune in as Robert speaks to this new emerging archetype of family and how to ground it into your life! Learn more >


Hayhouse RadioMay 27, 2010  9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Redefining Compassion as Experiential Grace
What does it mean to have 'compassion' for someone? Why is compassion the most important co-creative force in your soul? Most of us think of compassion as 'empathy' for others but it's truly so much more. As Robert describes in this groundbreaking show, true compassion is born out of your life's experiences - but only when you let them break your heart open. Tune in to find out how you can cultivate a compassion that can connect you to and change the world! Learn more >


June 18, 2010 - June 20, 2010 at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York

Soul Connections: Exploring Spirit Guidance & Soul Strategies
Is it possible to really know our future? Can we control events to come? Is it possible to connect to the other side for guidance and support when we most need it? Can we communicate with animals on a psychic level? Is it true that on a pure soul level, we tap into a common consciousness that provides access to information that can change our lives?

Join four of today’s most accurate, insightful, and experienced intuitives and psychic mediums, John Holland, Colette Baron-Reid, Robert Ohotto, and Danielle MacKinnon, for answers to these questions and more in a weekend exploring and celebrating spiritual renewal and guidance, soul strategies, and soul connections. Learn more >



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