Class Description

Soul Destinies Part I: March 4-7, 2010              
Material covered during the Soul Destinies Part 1 weekend intensive includes:

  • The incarnation process of the soul and agreements made prior to birth
  • Defining and differentiating Fate from Destiny
  • Identifying three different types of Fate
  • Anatomy of the psyche – identifying Ego, Soul, and your Shadow
  • Why must we go through the Shadow to get to the Light?
  • Discovering your soul’s schedule of purpose
  • How to align with the soul’s emerging needs with cycles of ego development
  • What are Archetypes?
  • Identifying Archetypes of Ego Development
  • Identifying Archetypes of the Soul
  • How to transition from the servitude in your life to service
  • Discovering your core archetypes of Destiny
  • How to perceive and use your life’s synchronicities
  • Understanding the four primary ways we incarnate into life through our ego
  • Are you in the right career or vocation?
  • Negotiating The Dark Night of the Ego (change, transition, and the in-between)
  • Developing your intuitive abilities
  • Understanding the Shamanic Initiation as part of individuation
  • How to integrate archetypal conflict within the psyche
  • Understanding and identifying your Family Fate as psychic DNA
  • What are your socio-cultural generational archetypal patterns, and what are their Fate and Destiny for your life?
  • Introduction to Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology

- History of Astrology
- Different Types of Astrology
- Transitioning from the Astrological Age of Pisces to Aquarius
- Intuition, Archetypes, and Astrology
- Greek/Roman Mythology, alive and well today?
- Four Elements of Astrology as functions of consciousness and perception
- The Archetypes and Sub-archetypes of the 12 zodiac signs
- The Twelve Houses as developmental stages of human potential and authenticity
- The Planets as Archetypal Forces of the Psyche
- Astrology as a map of synchronicity
- Intro on how to chart and use planetary cycles
- How you can best use intuitive-archetypal astrology

This weekend intensive is packed full of and will be a useful aid for all professions and walks of life. All participants will receive a copy of their astrological birth chart as part of a course workbook that’s personally designed for them personally full of useful diagrams and information that will support the material. As an additional teaching aid throughout the weekend, I will be doing live intuitive-astrological readings using selected participants’ birth charts for those who have given me permission to do so.

Soul Destinies Part II: July 15-18, 2010
If you’d like to attend this weekend intensive, but you missed Soul Destinies Part I, it’s not too late to participate!
Simply email us at for details.

Material covered during the Soul Destinies Part II weekend intensive includes:

  • Deep review of material from Soul Destinies I
  • Introducing the Holographic Nature of the Psyche
  • Meeting the Archetypes of all your planets through internally guided work
  • Understanding your Astrological Generational Archetypes
  • Identifying Archetypal Conflicts in your psyche via Aspects in your Birthchart
  • How do Archetypes Individuate?
  • Developing the discipline of working with your Shadow
  • Learning how to identify your psychic DNA from your family
  • Learning the ‘Conscious Choice Process’
  • How to work with Collective Fate and Destiny as Part of your Cosmic Contract
  • Understanding how the Soul and Ego influence the Subconscious Mind
  • Introduction to Intuitive Development
    - what intuition is vs. being psychic
    - understanding how your intuition speaks to you
    - personal vs. universal symbolism
    - exercises for intuitive development
    - how to connect intuition to astrology

Soul Destinies Part III: October 14-17, 2010
Material covered during the Soul Destines Part III weekend intensive includes:

  • Review of Soul Destines II Material
  • Identifying the Seven Ancient Planets in the Twelve Houses
  • Connecting the Seven Ancient Planets to the Zodiac Signs and Patterns
  • Review of Aspects
  • Orbs and Moiety
  • Ptolemaic Aspects
  • Integrating the Zodiac Signs and Patterns with Aspects
  • Chart Reading Practicum
  • Revisiting the Outer Planets and their Astrological Signs
  • Our Collective Process of Fate and Destiny
    - Legacies
    - Outer Planetary Aspects in your Birth Chart
    - Guided Meditation
  • The Saturn Cycle
    - As The ‘Quantum Gate’
    - Action, Experimentation, Maintenance, and Letting Go
  • Archetypal Guardians of Transformation
    - Child
    - Victim
    - Prostitute
    - Saboteur
    - Mystic/Addict
    - Perfectionist
    - Wounded Healer

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