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Introducing the Soul Destinies Home Study Program!

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Due to increasing demands on Robert's calendar, Year One of the Soul Destinies program will not be offered in 2011. And because of the frequent requests he receives for this material from prospective students who were unable attend past weekend intensives in South Dakota, Robert has made the Soul Destinies course available in audio format for home study purposes! For the first time since the program's inception in 2008, anyone interested in gaining an introductory understanding of intuitive archetypal astrology and crucial aspects of their Soul Contracts can now do so at a self-guided pace without having to travel any farther than the mailbox!

The Soul Destinies Home Study course gives you access to the same pre-requisite material required by Robert's second-year Intuitive Life Strategists (ILS) in training. However, the release of these workshops in audio format is in no way intended to replace attendance and participation requirements of Year One of the Soul Destinies program. Nor is it meant to fulfill advanced study or final certification requirements. Rather, this self-guided series provides a powerful way to engage with Robert's ground-breaking work as never before.

Without question, there's no substitute for studying directly with Robert in a majestic setting like the Black Hills of South Dakota, and having the entire year's-worth of audio guiding you through each carefully-crafted aspect of the workbook and personalized charts makes this kit the next best thing to being there! That's why the Soul Destinies Home Study option is ideal for anyone interested in exploring deeper layers of the psyche and archetypes, in addition to Robert's singular teaching style and philosophy.

Having the full year of Soul Destinies weekend intensive material at your fingertips gives you the added flexibility of tailoring the wealth of information to help you meet your own personal goals and strengthen your current personal practice.

The Soul Destinies Home Study course includes:

  • 29 audio CDs covering workshops I-III
  • Personalized natal charts
  • Course binder and workbook
  • Birth Chart Workbook and Report

Replete with transformative guided meditations, an in-depth zodiacal review, and symbolic ritual exercises, this comprehensive audio course guides you into a fuller understanding of your Soul Contract.

Among the topics addressed in this series:

Soul Destinies I
During this first workshop, Robert guides you through a myriad of sacred revelation, insight and healing. You will acquire tools to discover the most potent form of Destiny that your life was designed to hold in service to this world. Enter into this transformational work by identifying and engaging the powerful energetic forces of your Soul's archetypes and leave having gained the knowledge of its highest calling.

Soul Destinies II

Robert leads you through the depths of the Psyche and into the realms of the Shadow. Understand how working with this compelling psychic energy can be an invaluable tool that propels you toward your Soul's purpose in ways that will dramatically impact your view of personal development. Building on the Archetype work begun in Soul Destinies I, Robert will teach you how Archetypal conflict is at its essence, a key to pursuing your life's path by igniting the creative energy within the psyche as part of your Soul Contract. Robert will also introduce intuitive work and the vital role it plays in the ongoing process of self-discovery.

Soul Destinies III
Explore the dynamic nature of your Soul Contract and experience a deeper understanding of the collective process of Fate and Destiny as Robert navigates this workshop through ever-deeper waters of the Psyche. Learn how to dislodge embedded cycles of self-sabotage and recognize the timing of your Soul's Schedule. Shed light on the Dark Night of the Ego and delve into the mandates of your Soul Contract as you integrate emergent aspects of your core Self into the Ego. In the language of astrology, this weekend intensive is all about discovering how to navigate your transits!

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Archetype cards sold separately.